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Professional Carpet Cleaning

We will carry out a seven stage process to guarantee that your carpets will not only be clean but extremely healthy, removing dirt, grime, stains, as well as well bacteria, fungus and other pollutants that all build up over time in our carpets.


Stage 1

Dry vacuum with commercial grade vacuum with HEPA filter to remove dry soilage, dust and any other allergy causing contaminants.

Stage 2

Eco Friendly pre spray applied and left to dwell to loosen residual soilage.

Stage 3

Agitate pre spray to maximise effectiveness and reach deep down in the carpet pile, breaking up oil, grease, dirt, soil and any other contaminants.

Stage 4

Rinse and extract away soilage with clean fresh water, using professional top of the range machinery.

Stage 5

Inspect carpet and treat any individual remaining marks (if any) with specialist spot and stain removers and then extract individual marks.

Stage 6

Inspection to ensure your 100% completely happy with the results.

Stage 7

Groom carpet for faster drying and visual appeal.

Why We Are SuperCLEAN

We use only 1/5 to 1/10 of the moisture of some other carpet cleaning processes.
It leaves behind no soapy residue which can accelerate carpet re-soiling.
Dries most carpets in 1-2 hours, reducing the risk of mould, bacteria and mildew growth.
It’s safe for wool and man made carpet fibres.
No shrinkage – guaranteed.

Natural Carpet & Rug Fibre Cleaning

The majority of carpets will be cleaned using the most effective system which is explained above. However, we also specialise in dry carpet cleaning designed for natural fibre carpets such as Seagrass, Jute, Coir & Sisal, which have to be cleaned using a specially designed dry compound machine and eco friendly cleaning product to remove dust, dirt, grit etc.

Natural fibre carpet is much less stain resistant than conventional carpet and becomes stained very easily particularly by liquid. Our system will remove the majority of footwear stains, food and general grime as well as leaving your flooring in a much healthier and brighter condition.

We are only a one of a handful of companies trained and equipped to professionally clean natural fibre carpets.

Happy Customers

  • Mrs Wilson Tenterden

    Can’t believe how clean, soft and fresh my sofa looks and feels, Thank you very much Superclean Pro Services.
  • Mr Hickmott Ashford

    You want your carpets cleaned? You need Superclean Pro Services! Great Job.
  • Mr Wilmshurst Canterbury

    I have had my carpets cleaned before but nothing like this! Superclean Pro Services can’t be beaten when it comes to cleaning! No stubborn stain was too tough, I watched the miracle occurred in front of my own eyes and when it was done we weren’t left with a soaking wet carpet like previous carpet cleaners, just clean carpets that dried remarkably quick. Better still I invested in the carpet protection and it has already saved me money, when my daughter spill her drink. Superclean Pro Services even helped me place the furniture back into the room. Superclean are exactly was they say they are!
  • Miss Walker Ashford

    Fabric sofa cleaned, looks like new!! Thank you Superclean Pro Services.
  • Mr Close Ashford

    I had Superclean round to do my carpets last week and the results are brilliant! The carpets feel like new, nice and clean and it’s even lifted the hardworn flattened parts. They are now nice and soft and lovely to walk on. Great service and great price!

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