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Quality Upholstery Cleaning

Inject a new lease of life into your furniture.

Carpet CleaningWith such a wide variety of materials used to produce upholstery. SUPERCLEAN PRO SERVICES will identified the fabric either synthetic, natural, or blended fabric, the majority either wool, nylon, cotton, acetate, rayon or polyester or a combination of any and use the correct cleaning solution to give your furniture the best possible clean as upholstery material responds better to different techniques and cleaning solutions, unlike many other cleaning companies that use the 'one size fits all' philosophy.
Our professional upholstery cleaning service involves taking the utmost care of your furniture, treating your belongings with the respect they deserve, giving you a fresh, healthy professional clean.

Leather Cleaning

Leather has to be cleaned in a completely different manner to fabrics. All leather cleaners that SUPERCLEAN PRO SERVICES use are sourced from the market leaders producing excellent results, leaving you with a clean and protected piece of furniture.

The cleaning of leather is essential for keeping it looking good for longer. Many people forget leather is a hide, and just like our own skin it needs to be cleaned and receive moisture to stop it drying out and cracking