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Professional Rug Cleaning

Rugs CleaningSUPERCLEAN PRO SERVICES offers a clean on site or a take away service, where your rug will be cleaned and returned at your convenience.

  • Step One: SUPERCLEAN PRO SERVICES will visit you on site and discuss your requirements.
  • Step Two: After you have chosen your preferred level of service, we will arrange to collect your rug or arrange a convenient date for the rug to be cleaned on site.
  • Step Three: Your rug will go through our cleaning system.
  • Step Four: We deliver your clean fresh rug either wrapped in polythene or natural whichever you prefer.
  • Step Five: SUPERCLEAN PRO SERVICES will either unwrap and position your rug, giving it a final groom or if cleaned on site, give you advice on a suitable drying method.

Helpful information for your rugs

Ensure your rug is rotated, within 3 months is ideal, this will balance out sun fading and wear, also try to avoid any prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

Make sure any spills are cleaned straight away, (do not rub stains) to avoid stains becoming fixed, if a spill does occur make sure the rug is dried and aired correctly to avoid any problems such as mildew.

Regularly vacuum both sides to remove loose soil, increasing the lifespan and improving the visual image of the rug.

Follow any makers care label instructions to the letter.